Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It is interesting after my lessons at NIE that expectations can defer from reality by quite a bit. It has never occurred to me how different and difficult could be with regards to teaching. Yes, the time period I had before NIE did give me a glimpse on what teaching is like but it is until NIE did the variety and scope starts getting 'bigger'. Definitely, my horizon has expanded.

There is teaching and there is of course, teaching. During my teaching time before coming to NIE, my exposure with fully trained teachers did not prepare me on the diversity of teaching methods. I was still looking at teachers using transparency to teach and students being 'sponges'. When powerpoints were employed, they were basically taken from publishers and teachers just modified them a bit.

This started me thinking, are teachers ignorant of what the teachings are at NIE, or they choose to ignore them or simply, they do not have the luxury to follow. I think these issues were already addressed in Straits Times but only now, they affect me.

The time I have spent in NIE has exposed me to the different philosophies and the different ideas of teaching. What I think I will have to really work on is how to select and execute my style of teaching.


At 7:00 AM, Blogger S W said...

I think that despite the 'teacher-talk' style of teaching you have adopted in your micro-teaching, you did in the end achieve what you intended. We learnt your lesson on TRF well, which is why no one has problem during Mas' lesson. :) I realised this after going thru Mas' lesson. Because you know la, I have left Geog stuff behind for many years already.


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